Memorial Bouquet, 2016

backlit pigment print, acrylic, LED, steel, automotive paint, rubber; 60 x 36 inches (152.4 x 14.17 cm)

Temporary installation in the San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building; a proposal for a permanent stained glass installation to memorialize civilian populations impacted by U.S. military interventions. Designed to fit an empty alcove, and created in response to a series of existing stained glass windows in the building that glorify war through troubling imagery. The new window design is based on the so-called “Golden Age” of Dutch still-life painting; each flower in the arrangement is chosen for its symbolic meaning, including the official national flowers of countries that have been sites of US military operations and conflicts. The composition appropriates a variety of sources including Dutch and Flemish paintings, stock photography, botanical illustrations, and images distributed through social media.